Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Why call this blog “The Rules”?

I grew up a very picky eater. I mean really picky.  This wasn’t because I had food allergies or some religious restrictions, I just had these incredibly peculiar taste buds.  I probably limited my life to fifteen or so foods, and every food had rules attached.  For example, I loved tuna fish but it had to be eaten on an English muffin…ONLY a Thomas’s English muffin!  Not toast and eeeeewww definitely not plain…if it fell off the English muffin onto the plate I probably wouldn’t touch it.  Another rule, two different foods could not touch each other on the same plate…If one pea rolled over and touched the chicken cutlet then that pea was not to be eaten.  I guess I forced my Mom to do more dishes because I preferred everything in their own separate environments.  Ice cream had to be chocolate. Plain chocolate. No chips. Only chocolate. The list went on and on.  These were the first “rules” of life that I created and for what reason?  I have no idea.
 Eventually my eating habits changed.  One of the few blessings that came out of my College fraternity’s hazing was that I was forced to eat all sorts of disgusting foods that broke my rules.  I figured that if I could eat a mixture of sardines/baked beans/spoonful’s of mustard/and a gigantic industrial sized can of Chef Boyardee meat ravioli…all mixed together…none of which I on their own...then I could begin to try some foods that were outside my rules for pure enjoyment.  This did not necessarily make me a healthier eater, but it did expand my palate a bit.   My life was filled with McDonald’s hamburger eating contests (I think I remember 5 being my max), pizza, General Tso’s chicken, KFC, and bagels, with the occasional head of broccoli thrown in.
 I had no reason to stop eating all the fast food and snacks though, I just had a wider range of crap that I ate.  I thought there were no consequences.  I could eat whatever I wanted and I still remained a skinny kid. I felt physically OK, so …why change?  My rules were working for me and I thought they were delicious.
Things eventually changed.  I turned 26 and suddenly everything was in question when I developed “Acid Reflux”.  It became clear that even though I learned a lot about nutrition in Chiropractic College… I learned the proper amounts of proteins, carbs and fats, I never followed any of the rules about the quality of my food.  For the first time I realized that my body was speaking to me.  It was giving me a signal. This signal was a symptom called “Acid Reflux”. And that “Acid Reflux” was telling me that my rules weren’t actually working so great.   And, luckily, instead of looking for a pill or quick fix to get rid of the symptom (or just dealing with it because it “wasn’t so bad”), I actually stopped for a moment and asked myself, “Why?”  Why was I getting this symptom?
Asking the question, “Why?” …was the first step to revising the rules of my life.  It is a question that can apply to anyone and to any symptom, be it acid reflux, anger, guilt, anxiety, constipation, high blood pressure, “Why?” should always be the question.
 In fact, the main lesson that I learned from becoming a chiropractor is that we all are born with an innate intelligence.  The Innate Intelligence is the wisdom that our body was born with.  It is the wisdom that knows how to grow hair, heal a cut, digest our foods, and deal with toxins. This is the intelligence that keeps the body healthy and alive.  Think of all the things that your body does every second just to keep you from falling down when you stand!  There are so many processes that go on that we are unaware of.  That’s Innate Intelligence at work.  If we are in touch with that innate intelligence, that inner wisdom and truly listen to it…you can!  It will always guide us to making the right decisions.  It will guide us to our very own perfect rules.
We all have rules.  Whether or not they are working out well for us is a different question. Sometimes we have set up rules for ourselves that don’t actually support our health or what we really need, they keep us stuck in a certain lifestyle and prevent us from truly being happy.  This happens because we haven’t spent all our lives making every decision based upon the question; is this the healthiest choice I can make?  Give me a break…the first couple decades we are brainwashed into thinking whatever our parents and the advertising companies exposed us to.  It is as we get older and begin making decisions to set us up for a lifetime that we should ask… is this the healthiest choice I can make? 
The reason that I live my life the way I do right now is not because my parents brought me up this way.  It’s not because of my religious beliefs, or the people around me.  No, it’s because I know what I want. I want to live an abundant life! I want to be able to play on the floor with my great grandchildren.  I want to play golf.  I still want to see patients at my office.  I want to cut my own toenails when I’m 96! And, most importantly I want an amazing relationship with my family forever!  It’s because of this I created a new set of rules; rules tailored to me that are based off of a knowledge of my body and understanding of how it communicates with me.
 In the coming posts I will be teaching you some rules that I have learned about the body, most of them through personal experience, and other rules that I have learned through the experience of my family or my patients.  This blog will give the reader a practical approach to life and hopefully offer some “rules” for you to follow that will make your life better.  If you don’t like MY rules then change them a bit…make them fit your life but don’t make the mistake of not pushing yourself to make big changes if those changes will get you closer to your goals.  I know it because I live it!  Let’s Begin!

Dr. Jason Piken, a 1996 graduate of New York Chiropractic College. During Chiropractic College he became proficient in Gonstead (a system of analyzing the spine) and has since spent hundreds of seminar-hours broadening his technique skills to include, Chiropractic Biophysics and Applied Kinesiology. For more information about Dr. Piken, please visit his website at www.innatechiro.com.

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